About Us

About Us

Digital Addict is a Digital Solution Site with a Head Office in Bali that can meet your needs. We are here to offer services with an interactive system but still maintain quality and durability.

Digital Addict is also supported by human resources who are trustworthy & competent in their fields, making Digital Addict the best Digital Solution site to meet your business needs, thus creating conditions of quality & trust in every partner.
Digital Addict has a vision of creating conditions of security, trust & high quality in every collaboration with partners.

Present Digital Marketing and virtual services that are innovative and competitive.
  • We are providing the best service to customers by maintaining professionalism.
  • We provide the best service and reasonable quality control to meet customer satisfaction.
  • We are utilizing the latest information systems and technology in carrying out business processes so that you are ahead of your competitors.


My name is Putra WA.

I'm a Creative Digital Marketing who loves to make pretty things!
I've always loved branding and love watching brands grow.

I fell in love with the idea.
And design is a big part of my life.

For me, fresh thoughts are like fresh eggs,
we need new ones every day.

If you need extra help with a project,
feel free to call me or email me.

Thank you.

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