LYD Organic

LYD Organic


Bali, Indonesia
Sept | 2015

LYD Organic began with a commitment to add specific value-added products to our daily supply across all brands as our company has moved more into sustainability. It has centralized its sources for ingredients, with all of our brands, for instance, using home-grown vegetables and spices from our organic and non-organic farms in Bedugul.

We support local organic and non-organic farmers and growers who share our ideas and values. We recycle, reuse and minimize waste as much as possible and act in ways that protect the resources in Bedugul. We have the most stringent standards for the items on our shelves that we offer. We can provide clean organic and non-organic products that are as close to the source as possible.

We are building a team of passionate, committed individuals whom each play a vital role in making LYD Organic a particular place. We Are focused on creating a remarkable experience for our customers.

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